"It is our responsibility to create the best web design and IT services in Nepal. I think development a website and getting the service after the web is done is a must, which is what Baidar Group does."
chief executive officer
Ken Chapagain
about us

how we started

Baidar Group is a web development. It has been operating online since November 24, 2020 AD.

The word Baidar comes from a family group in western Nepal. The family was in Karduni toll of Syangja district. Ken is a member of this family. They spent more time on the Internet. His father is known as “Baidar Ba”. Ken wants his father to have access to the Internet. Baidar today is not only a family organization but also a global internet marketing and web development organization. It will one day name Nepal world wide.

new technology

our technology focus

We offer you new technology

IT is information technology. We use the latest technology in this technology. Which is easy and convenient to use. Websites, mobile apps, software and other IT services we provide continue to use new technology. We provide world class service. Which is comfortable for the user.


Programming code

We use code in new technology, we use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, C ++, Python code.


Web security

We use the latest code that is secure in itself. We provide SSL certificate installation, code security, database security etc.

Father of baidar

Fathers of the Baidar Group and the Reverend Baidar Group


Sa. Jayaballau Chapagain

Father of baidar


Than Prasad Chapagain

Father of baidar


sa. Tiralal Chapagain

Father of baidar

Why use Baidar Group?

Baidar Group offers the cheapest web development in Nepal. It develops international standards. It has been reduced for web development in 8 countries including Nepal. Provides necessary facilities after development, such as technical support, training, 24/7 contact. To develop from programmers who have worked at international level. Get it ready in 4 days. So choose Baidar Group today, Order Now>>

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